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Sillysoft Games Unveils Addictive New Rhythm Game

Turtoa: Global Rhythm welcomes users to a soothing tropical paradise set to world music.

June 3, 2020 – Vancouver, BC – Just in time for the Steam Game Festival, Sillysoft Games has unveiled its latest creation, Turtoa: Global Rhythm – a mesmerizing and challenging rhythm game that promises to relax and delight players of all ages.


Click here to view a one-minute introduction trailer for Turtoa: Global Rhythm, or download the hi-res version here.

In addition to its solid gameplay, this game is distinctively set apart by a spellbinding integration of music from over twenty world artists, including DJ Drez, David Charrier, Burning Babylon, Elliyahu Sills, and Kaissa.

“We’re very excited to announce the upcoming release of Turtoa: Global Rhythm,” states Sillysoft Games’ Chief Gaming Officer, Dustin Q. Sacks. “This beautiful aquatic world provides a welcome reprieve from the everyday, where players can feel the rhythm of exotic cultures.”

A “Coming Soon” page for Turtoa: Global Rhythm is now available on the Steam Store. The game is planned to be officially released in September of this year for both Windows and MacOS. Steam users can currently add the game to their wishlist.

For more information about Turtoa: Global Rhythm or Sillysoft Games, please e-mail Ken Barnes at KJB Digital. Scheduled interviews with Sillysoft Games’ Chief Gaming Officer, Dustin Q. Sacks are available.

About Sillysoft Games

Founded in 2002, Vancouver-based Sillysoft Games has entertained gamers around the world with original games spanning several genres. The company’s array of unique games includes the well-known Lux Series, consisting of Lux Delux, Lux Alliance and Lux DLX.

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