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We Review Our Fave Pens

In our line of work, you might presume that the KJB Digital team's views upon manual writing instruments are at least that they're somewhat irrelevant.

Au contraire, mes amis. There's something inherently satisfying about using a well-constructed pen that's simply not replaced by keys or styluses on laptops and tablets.

It can produce a sense of freedom to use pens to take notes, doodle ideas, and twirl while pondering an idea.

Given that we're fans of quality pens, we decided to add a little variety to our blog and review our favourites for your consideration.

Fisher Space Bullet Pen

Fisher "Space Pens" occupy a somewhat unique position as equal parts high-quality writing instruments and curiousity. Still, they produce a line as beautiful as the lines on the pen's exterior. And, if you ever find yourself in space, well, they have you covered there too.

The ink cartridge inside this incredible writing tool is pressurized so that the ink is force-fed to the tip. As a result, you'll never find yourself at an angle where the pen won't work. Beyond that though it's just a beautiful pen.

Montblanc Cruise Pen

If it can be said that there is an iconic name in pens, it's Montblanc. They've achieved their lofty status by continually crafting high quality writing instruments since 1906, and this black ball point pen from their Cruise collection is no exception.

Criticizing the Montblanc Cruise Collection black ballpoint would be like trying to find fault with a Lamborghini. It's the one writing instrument recognized from the courtroom to the boardroom to the break room for its consistent excellence.

Parker Jotter Stainless Steel

The Parker Jotter sports a classic sleek profile and would seem right at home in the hands of a CEO or a General Contractor. It's durable as all get-out and dependable as the sunrise. If you're looking to nudge your image upward a tad this is a great place to start.

Quietly make an impression by pulling the Parker Jotter out of your pocket the next time you're ready to sign a contract. It's got a great understated, classic style and a weight to it that feels satisfying to hold.

IDEAPOOL Handcrafted Rosewood

If you're an executive or legal professional, the IDEAPOOL Rosewood Ballpoint is the pen for you. Elegant and beautifully engineered, it produces a clear, confident line every time.

If you're looking for a pen that looks sharp and performs well, but doesn't require a liquidation of assets to purchase, this is a good choice. The classic styling is first-rate, the feel is comfortable and the line quality is consistent.

Parker IM Fountain

When you move up to fountain pens you're leaving the ordinary behind and stating in no uncertain terms that you're in the camp of refinement and taste. The Parker IM Fountain makes a quiet but unmistakable statement every time you click the cap.

Based just on looks, other pens would have a hard time beating the Parker IM Fountain pen. However, some find this pen to be not as practical as other quality ballpoints or rollerballs. That said, it sure is nice some days to reach for the Parker IM Fountain, and it's considered to be the outright favourite at KJB Digital.

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